This will be a short post that marks the beginning of the end of our participation in Startupbootcamp FinTech Dubai. After meeting investors, interacting with mentors and other startup cofounders, the team had to pitch on the final day. The SBC Accelerator helped build our capacity as business men and more importantly fine-tune our business model.

30th April was the set date, we had two weeks to write our scripts, get it edited and be ready for the finals. Truth is I have never pitched this much prior, with expert pitch coaches and the SBC FinTech Dubai Programme Manager, we had two official pitches daily at the Fintech Hive – DIFC for a week. On my own I would pitch in my head, to my co-founder and to myself over and over again.

We joined the SBC accelerator, a cohort-based support program that run from 7th February to 30th April, 2019. By joining this accelerator program, Nocofio was offered benefits such as finance, mentorship and educational workshops. The experience gained was the Accelerator providing a process of concentrated, prompt and immersive education aimed at “accelerating” growth by compressing years’ of learning into just a few months.

In a Mentor-Match speed dating, we had three Mentors who helped us to display our business idea in the right way, checked if our messaging was correct, if we had the right tools and resources and linked us with the right connections. With weekly targets and meetings, we were encouraged to work smart and hard to meet set targets.

We also learnt a lot in a short period of the Accelerator programme involved one of the most intense and practical educational programmes. During the programme, we worked on our business model and plan, how to do pitches properly, digitisation of processes, programme management, sharping the vision and many more useful skills and techniques that will support us in accomplishing our vision.

We know that major tech firms are not an over-night success story. They usually started out as a small team and through many years of hard work and dedication they have become what they are. As funding is crucial for longevity and growth in any start-up, joining an accelerator programme gave us a better chance of accomplishing our mission. Now more than ever, the team at Nocofio is poised to ensure this impact-driven FinTech company has a sustainable business not just for investors but for the smallholder farmers who partner with us.

“Connecting finance with farmers”

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