Agribusiness in Ghana has recently seen some innovation from new players. The potential of farmers and other business providers in the agricultural value chain is huge. With its related benefits for all players, the benefits of agriculture is not only limited to the change in livelihoods of farmers but also for the provision of ecosystem services and a good revenue generation avenue. People need food, people need energy to work and carry out various activities and farming creates opportunities for jobs and harvested produce that, because of its demand, can stimulate the economy.

In order for agriculture to truly benefit the nation of Ghana, it must attract investors that are willing to help farmers get started in hopes of a big return after harvest. With efficient risk management, those who have invested in Ghana agriculture are doing quite well, which is having a positive influence on undecided investors.

The potential for various agricultural production ventures to be profitable is huge. Treating the agriculture venture as a business and management effectively just like any other business is bound to yield positive financial results. Here’s a list of profitable ventures for smart investment in agribusiness. This list is however non-exhaustive but focuses currently on five stable agro-products.

  1. One of the most popular foods in Ghana (if not the most popular), rice is currently one of the highest imported food items into the country. Growing a business in this industry makes room for a huge boom with the right marketing and policies to affect local consumption and imports.
  2. Because they produce annually, plantain plantations are very sustainable. Used widely in African and Ghanaian cuisine, the demand for plantain is always high.
  3. Chickens not only grow fast, but they’re relatively inexpensive to raise and keep. With an estimated 600 million crates of eggs purchased in the nation each year, farming poultry is a smart investment.
  4. Pineapples. Pineapples are easy to grow. They can even be grown outdoors and in pots! Delicious, healthy, and globally popular, Ghanaian pineapples are primed to be the next big thing!
  5. Snails. One of the most lucrative agriculture opportunities, snails are eaten around the world. And, because of the increasing demand to use snails in beauty products, this opportunity is huge.

With the help of smart investors that see the potential in agriculture, its economy will boom.

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